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Coaching the chemistry sector in the Maghreb region

Strategic, technical and process oriented consulting and coordination

On behalf of REME-GTZ project, Global21 is charged with the coaching of its component “chemistry sector” over two years.

The main tasks for this long term intervention include:

Technical consulting:

  • Technical direction of the activities regarding the chemistry sector and technical consulting on the subjects “REACH regulation” and “risk management” (helpdesks, position papers, practical case studies in enterprises);
  • Planning and organization of short term expert missions, workshops and training sessions ;
  • Conception and carrying out of publication

Project management:

  • Coordination of the project activities regarding the chemistry sector ;
  • Follow up and documentation of the work progress ;
  • Assure the information flow for the project activities regarding the chemistry sector;
  • Assure the contribution of the chemistry sector to impact oriented monitoring system;
  • Knowledge and information management ; 

Networking tasks:

  • Support for the networking activities of the national chemistry federations;
  • Support for the national REACH helpdesks and promotion of their cooperation;
  • Assure the cooperation with essential stakeholders in Europe (employers’ associations, European Commission, etc.).

For the implementation of the tasks, the following methodological approaches are applied:

  • Technical consulting
  • Process oriented consulting and coaching
  • Political and strategic consulting
  • Capacity Works and international cooperation management tools
  • Change management and organizational development tools
  • Networking tools 


fiche synthèse du projet

Client : GTZ (German Technical Cooperation)
Location: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia
Period: Mai 2009 – August 2011



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