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"We share a vision of cities for all, referring to the equal use and enjoyment of cities and human settlements, seeking to promote inclusivity and ensure that all inhabitants, of present and future generations, without discrimination of any kind, are able to inhabit and produce just, safe, healthy, accessible, affordable, resilient, and sustainable cities and human settlements, to foster prosperity and quality of life for all."

New Urban Agenda (adopted at Habitat III Conference)




13 March 2017:

Energy efficiency and NDC in Nepal

Nepal still has a strong need for sustainable energy to satisfy existing and upcoming energy demand. Global21 leads an evaluation and appraisal mission for the Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme aiming at analysing the programme progress and setting-up the design of the upcoming project phase focusing on:

  • Energy policy
  • Capacity development of grid operators
  • Energy efficiency market places
  • Energy efficiency in educational training

15 November 2016:

Grid integration of solar energy and energy efficiency to meet NDC targets in Bangladesh

To meet the fast growing electricity demand in the country, the government of Bangladesh aims at using the country’s solar potential along with grid-connected solar energy predominantly in the rural areas.

Global21 leads an appraisal mission to set up a new project “Energy efficiency and grid integration of solar energy in Bangladesh”. The project supports Bangladesh in implementing its nationally determined contributions (NDC) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and in fulfilling its commitment under the Paris Agreement.


1 September 2016:

Workshop and capacity development for the NAP-process in Armenia

For the ClimaEast project, financed by the EU and carried out by DAI, Global21 assists the Ministry of the Nature Protection (MNP) of Armenia regarding the development of national capacities for the elaboration of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP).

The workshop focusses on the advice regarding the NAP process as part of the NDC of Armenia but also on concertation processes and implementation of the NAP roadmap.


1 August 2016:

Ten years of engagement for sustainable development

Global21 celebrates its 10th anniversary!

For ten years and in more than 50 short and long term missions, we have made every effort to contribute to positive and sustainable development of our partners. We hereby would like to sincerely thank all our customers and partners for their constructive and trustful cooperation.

We look forward to accompanying you in the future and will continue to provide high-quality advice.


15 June 2016:

Process consulting for the modernization of municipal services

Josef Seitz leads an expert team for the modernization of municipal services in South-East Europe:

  • Assess tools and services developed by the project, in particular in the field of water supply, waste water, waste and economic development
  • Identify services and tools with potential for marketable products
  • Designing and planning measures for building capacities of partners’ regional networks

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